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Hello there, i am having a problem with importing to react studio from Sketch, when i click transfer nothing happens

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Same here. It’s my first time using React Studio. I installed it today, restarted the machine several times. Nothing happens after trying to transfer. I’m using:

Mac OS 11.4
Sketch Version 72.4 (124482)
Transfer to React Studio plugin 1.5.9
React Studio Version 1.8.9 (418)

Hi all, unfortunately the Sketch plugin does not work with the latest Sketch version and we haven’t been actively updating it. The Sketch designs tend to be really bloated with vectors and in almost all cases the best way is to actually build the app in the Studio rather than trying to use Sketch “in the middle”.

Fundamentally the Sketch is 2d drawing tool and app’s are at more like 3d with multiple “dimensions” containing data flow, some business logic and lot’s of other things.

Thanks for the quick reply. I understand, but being a UI designer trying to learn React, a transfer from Sketch to React Studio (if well done, of course) would lower my learning curve. I will check the online materials and try using React Studio.

I suggest adding the compatible Sketch version close to the plugin download link. I was eager to try Sketch+React Studio, tried for quite some time and got frustrated because it didn’t work and there wasn’t any error message whatsoever.

I hear you, just noticed that we do have the plugin available in the website and we need to add a disclaimer text saying that it currently works only with the old version of Sketch. Sorry for the inconvenience on this.

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well i managed to downgrade sketch to version 64, trying to transfer to react studio, its not transferring background pictures… i used the following example

@Antti_Neonto On a related note, I noticed a lot of the design tools in RS have disappeared. There used to be tools for drawing circles, lines etc. But now there’s only a rectangle tool. Are these just hidden or have they been removed? If they have been removed and sketch transfer is no longer available, I’m a bit confused as to how to create these shapes/vectors.

Once you create a rectangle, you can change it to an oval in the inspector/properties pane. Right now the triangle and line transforms seem to be broken. I will report that.

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Got it, thank you! And I suppose we can individually import SVGs from Sketch if complex assets are needed

Unfortunately we are deprecating our Sketch import plugin. We are not convinced that it has enough value to enough people to continue to support it. We are also considering Figma support as an alternative.


Figma integration would be awesome! looking forward to that. Is that something we should expect soon or are you early in the development process?

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I would be highly interested in some kind of UI design integration such as Figma as well.

We have no plans yet. We are still trying to figure out how important/useful it would be vs other things we could be working on.


Yes Figma is a must , please add !!! Thanks !!!