Importing from Sketch

When trying to use the Sketch plugin, I am getting error Unable to create connection for transfer. Make sure you have the newest version of Neonto Studio installed and open.

I am on Version 1.7.10 (373) of React Studio. I have opened a blank and deleted the Start page. I am also on Version 64 (93537) of Sketch. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, the connection works on our test computers with the same app versions. Could it be that you have some kind of firewall or something which blocks the connection?

Hi Antti - I am working from home with no firewalls. Is there a specific port I can check is open or anything else that could assist?

I’m afraid that the debugging this issue is quite hard. Maybe Console.logg app could show something related to React Studio and Sketch when you try the transfer.

Could it be that you have the wrong plugin installed? We have two plugins: one for Native Studio and one for React Studio?

The Transfer to React Studio plugin can be downloaded here:

Thank you - I did have the incorrect plugin.