Include local HTML/Javascript files in the project

Recently I published a topic where I was asking about how to integrate a webapp that uses several Javascript files. I kept thinking about it and I believe I may have a possible solution to the situation. I guess it is not the most efficient one, but if it works it will be fine.

The webapp I want to integrate or include in my project is like a web page with it’s own HTML file (which tags make reference to the javascript program) and CSS style and Javascript. So far what I did is to place this program in my storage in AWS and run it from there. The way I do it right now is to give a link that leads the user to that program running in AWS and then click on “Back” in the browser to come back to the app.

What I believe is that I can create a screen in my project and run a Web content or Embed content that would be pointing to the program. But I have some things that I don’t get to understand and I am not sure how to approach them:

1. Include local files in the project. First thing to do would be to include a folder in the project that would contain the web to be loaded. Where should I place this folder? I am not sure if I am supposed to include it in the “working” folder and it would automatically exported to the definitive one, or I should place it after the project has been exported.

2. Indicate the path to load that local program. So far I write the web address to load for each element in the database I am creating because, although it is just one program, each element requires a different address because the software loads a javascript file with the settings for the individual item. So if I place the program locally I guess I would have to change the link in my database and they would be different according to the place where I put the program. I am just thinking out lout because I have a guessing about how I could do it, but I am not sure because I am a newbie.

I would really appreciate some guidance. Thank you.

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