Is it possible to embed html content with a variable address?

I am trying to figure out how to integrate a separate webapp into my project created with React Studio. As it is basically an index.html that triggers all the necessary files, I just need to see how to redirect to that html file. I have been trying to do it locally but I don’t achieve it so I thought about using the “Embed html” option.

I can create a screen where I embed fullscreen the webapp but my issue is that I would need to change the parameters of the address because the final of the address will be different depending on the file that it loads. For example, the html main address would be something like:


But then I would need to add to that address a parameter like:


I would have that parameter in the database. Is this even possible? I am just thinking about some way to integrate this webapp.

Thank you.

This is quite out of what React Studio’s is doing.

So you’d have a React Web app and “static Html webapp” and they need to communicate to each other.

I’m guessing you need to host the html file and assets somewhere and then create the button links pointing to the other webapp by using scripts or data slots which are added as parameters to the url.

Unfortunately I can’t help much more on this. Hopefully someone here can help you.