Is React Studio an actively maintained project?

I’m trying to see how active the project is. The youtube videos are a year old and this Discuss SSL cert is not correctly installed.

Is there a changelog document to view previous releases and their changes?


I’ve been contacting Adam, he said will talk with the tech team… been waiting update since (a week ago)…

Hope they will update soon

Got an update from Adams, SSL issues being fix, happy coding everyone…

Is the fix being done anytime soon? Currently (and with no visible certificate fix), the project seems rather dead - and prevents us from choosing React Studio as a possible solution for our developers.

I’ve moved on to using Plasmic and really happy with it:

Both the main site and the discuss site STILL have SSL issues. This does not present very well to potential customers.

The Team’s seems a bit busy for sometimes now, still waiting for answer from them