Is there a plugin for stripe or square?

I was hoping to start accepting subscription payments in my web app. Is there a recommended approach for this?

Hi there. It would be great having this plugin, but I don’t think anyone has done one yet. However, there’s a way to integrate React Studio and Stripe in a seamless and very fast way. Go serverless. I’ve been using for my projects FireStore + Cloud Functions to manage several features in the App, including payments, authentication, messaging, writes and, updates. React Studio connects to Firebase seamlessly integrated. You can write Javascript to connect to Firebase just like any other Javascript code. For Cloud Functions, you use one single JS or TS with all functions needed.

Regards, Marcos

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@Antti_Neonto @Marcos_Alencar - I have an engineer helping me with some dev work now and he helped me create a button that integrates a stripe payments gateway. If you got to my web app (built using react studio) - - click “continue” -> click “continue” -> it will pull up the payment gateway on stripe.

We are more than willing to submit this code as a plugin to the plugin store. I am trying to read through the documentation to understand the correct way to do these but will post once I do.

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Hi, could you post the main parts of the code here or email us at If the available Plugin API supports all needed stuff we’ll guide you to wrap this into plugin. Otherwise we need to add new API hooks to support the needed functionality.

Yes let me get that engineer signed up on here so he can engage with us. Be back soon.

@Antti_Neonto here is the code to trigger a stripe payment gateway.

var stripe = window.Stripe(“pk_live_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”);

       mode: 'payment',
       lineItems: [{ price: "price_1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", quantity: 1 }],
       successUrl: "",
       cancelUrl: "",

Is there a specific place in the plugin main.js file I would put this to get it to work correctly?

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Please refer to this thread for one solution to this - Subscription Based Web App Template