Issues with localization. Devices translate text that is not needed

I don’t need to use any localization as the app is in Spanish and is targeted to users who speaks the language. I am not touching the localization dataSheet but I have seen devices that run the app try to translate fields as if it were in a different language.

So at first I removed all of the rows in the Localization dataSheet and I could see that it didn’t have the effect that I wanted because it turned out most of the text fields were not visible. I reverted back to the previous version where the localization fields created automatically were there.

As a second attempt, I added an additional column in the Localization dataSheet with “es” and selected that value as the default in the dataSlot and in the top menu. I don’t need any kind of translation from the original text. I just need the text to be detected as Spanish and to be shown as it is. But now I get in the console when I first run the app that all of the localization keys are not there. Obviously because I have left the “es” column in the dataSheet empty.

How should I do it so the app is detected as in Spanish and devices don’t try to translate the text?

Thank you.

Just an update to this. I could solve it manually changing the “lang” line in the index.html from “en” to “es”. Now the exported app is considered as in Spanish and devices don’t try to translate anything. Maybe it was obvious but I thought it would be just fine tweaking the configuration within the project in React Studio.