Json plugin new parameter

Hi in json plugin can you add in datasheetload.js

const fetchOpts = {
method: ‘{{{HTTPMETHOD}}}’,
cache: "no-store"

this instruction force reaload data from server and not from local cache. You can consider to imolement also as new plugin parameter
thanks Paolo

Hi, the latest Generic JSON plugin has sort of a solution for this. You can call API with a button interaction and set the body. It’s not for loading Data sheets but I think it’s quite close what you mean. ​

Read m ore from here: https://reactstudio.medium.com/connect-to-custom-api-endpoints-from-react-studio-4c451e1ffc1c?source=friends_link&sk=d7ad3f97f46bd0e1682b6d7c29036260

Anyway this is probably something that you can implement yourself to the plugin code. If you want us to do the customisation it would be custom development (paid work).

Good morning, @Antti_Neonto. I’m also trying to set up the data sheets to do Post requests instead of Gets, per this thread: Is it possible to make a POST request with JSON? It seems that’s not an option right now, and doesn’t sound like it’s coming out any time soon. Is there a place we can access the source code for the Firebase and/or JSON plugins to do it ourselves? Thanks.

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I replied to this in this thread: Is it possible to make a POST request with JSON?

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