Links to external pages not working. Automatically added domain as a prefix

It is probably going to be something related with the hosting or some configuration but I ask here to see if someone knows where I can fix it. In the project that I am working now, every link that I include in any place (button, icon or text) does not work properly because it adds automatically as a prefix the domain of the site. A small example:

In the bottom of the screenshot it is visible the destination of the link provided that was supposed to go to

I don’t know if it is something with the hosting, the firebase plugin, the configuration in Firebase CLI… Any ideas?

Hi, have you written the link into Link element with “https://” in the beginning of the address?

Now I feel embarrased. Writting the entire adress it doesn’t show any problem. I quickly tested that and automatically thought that I had some issue with that. Obviously I don’t. I didn’t know the behaviour if you don’t add the https:// was to add the domain as a prefix.

Anyway, problem solved. Thank you so much @Antti_Neonto!

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