List Filter fails on browser refresh

Hello world.
We just deployed my application to the web for the first time two nights ago. The first page a user will see is a list of character sheets for the game, filtered by their email address. On first visit, the filter works, but when I do a page refresh in the browser, the filter goes away, showing the user all the sheets.
Our plan is to phase out list filtering in the client and either have the filtering happen on the server, or only bring in data through data sheet queries, per this article: I figured you might want to know about the unexpected behavior for the list filters, though.

Hard to say what’s going on but I guess that if you debug the code the data slot containing the email address gets cleared when user refreshes the screen. I’m not sure but you could e.g. hide the list element with a script if the email address data slot is empty or save the Data slot to local storage with “Persistence” setting…

Confirmed, thanks. That “Persistent” box did the job. Might I suggest the box defaulting to checked? I expect there’re going to be more use-cases where a given value should remain when refreshing the browser than cases where the user wants to blank it out.

I don’t think it is. a good idea to default the “persistent” checkbox. Usually Data slot values are “per session” and saving the value in local storage should be a decision made by a project’s developer.

P.S. Please note that the best way to debug these kind of issues is to use browser’s developer tools and check the log and debug the code. This way you’ll learn how the React app works and usually find the issue quickly.