List view height

how i can make the heigth of listview fixed?
I would like a listview that can only be accessed and scollable in a portion of the screen: now where there are many items the listview is always at full screen!!


You should use a ractangle layout at foreground overlay on the listview

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Hi,The default List element is meant to be scrollable in full width. It is not meant to be scrolling inside component because it’s usually not a good UI for Mobile use cases.

You can probably mimic the behaviour by adding rectangles on top of the list.

May I ask what is the use case for this kind of list?

i understand your point of view but if i made a desktop website it is not the same…
think about at master details view…
how i can solve this problem when i have many many components?

We are experimenting new feature to add List item into Foreground element group and then make it scrollable in it’s own “frame”. Would this work on your use case as well?

Here’s an example:


Hi, likes good.
can you let me to try ? do you have an update?

We just released an update (v1.7.5) that adds this to your Studio. Just update the Studio and drag your list/Grid item onto Foreground element group in Screen or Component.

We just released an update (v1.7.5) that allows making lists that are scrollable in their own “frame” as Antti told. React Studio should update automatically when launching it.