Localization fields keys

I want to store localization records in firebase (and later sheets)
Is there an easy way to get all those keys out of the FS table and into firebase?
and have it sync-able?

If I was using the paid / sheets method, how does that sync up with the keys for the individual fields?


Studio and Firebase doesn’t have any connection what comes to updating/creating documents in Firebase. Data sheets are capable to only Reading data from DB.

My best guess is that you need to first copy the localization Data sheet into Google sheet/Excel sheet etc. and then build some kind of script to create the needed collection and documents into Firestore DB. Here’s an article about syncing Gsheet into Firestore: https://medium.com/firebase-developers/sheets-to-firebase-33132e31935b

Finally you’d need to connect the Localization sheet to the backend to load translations from server instead of local sheet.

Later if you then add new elements into your Studio project you simply need to add new document with the Localization key into DB.

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This video is great tutorial for how to export google sheet data into Firestore: https://youtu.be/E0xofSMYc6Y