Looking for sites/apps created with React Studio

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have some good example sites/apps that have been created with React Studio that we can showcase (free publicity) when we pitch and fundraise?

Grateful for your help,

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Look at this developed for a big Italian farm
It is available also for iPad. It is a pwa developed with react studio and linked in a webview.

Antti knows well this project…
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Awesome! Thx.

Anyone else?


@Adam_Wasserman - I just built and launched this app in under a week (this last week). Please feel free to use it as you all see fit - https://dfw3dprinting.com

Also - if you all need a testimonial or anything like that. Happy to provide one. Love this platform.

I would love to contribute but I am afraid I can’t because my two projects are not for the public but for personal use. One of them is to manage all data related with my school (students, teachers, subjects, etc.) and the other one is just a menu to sort and query a database with songs that I use for my piano lessons. But I also love what RS is helping me to create and learn!

Hi @Adam_Wasserman,

Although the apps themselves are not publicly available without signing up, you can use this as an example if you like:

A demo video of both our apps (all built with RS!!): https://youtu.be/0cBCGgTAu6Y

Our website: https://dyne.network

Our web business app: https://business.dyne.network

Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:

Thank you all of you


Hi Adam. You can use my new project. https://urbanofix.com

Best, Marcos