Lost of localization keys

I mean, all the project localization keys are empty, and since that’s was not my current task, I mean translating something, there’s no way to know when it happens. I’ve checked back something like 10 last versions using the “Revert” and went back one month. During this time, a lot of improvements were done. Localization keys are empty and I’m lost.
Is there something I can do?

Hi, there was a bug in the Studio some time ago which may case this kind of situation. Can you send us (hello@neonto.com) the project file so we could check if there is a way to at least recreate the localisation key rows…

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Hi. Pretty bad news. Just want to tell you that I was wrong. In that file you’ve sent to me, most of the keys were still lost. The problem is that as I re-write them all again, suddenly, others start losing the key, the one you’ve just fixed yesterday loses again.

Hi, do you have any idea what action or chain of actions causes the deletion of the keys? Also is there any pattern which keys were missing from the file I sent to you?

Hey Antti. Unfortunately, I don’t know. It happen twice and now I’m constantly checking if everything is alright.