Material-UI components in React Studio?

Hello, world!

A friend of mine wants to use Material.ui’s components to build an app, but we’d still like to use React Studio. Is there a way to import them into Studio and them make use of them? Thanks!


Currently there is not easy way to do this. You’d need to create plugins from each component and still there would probably some features that might need some customisation into plugin API.

We could implement a Material UI version of the Studio but that would be a enterprise customisation project and probably does not pay off for you guys if you’re not building tens of apps.

Confirmed, thanks. I did find this article, talking about UI framework plugins and Material Design guidelines. Did those plugins get published?

Edit: I suppose what I’m really trying to figure out is whether there’re tools to help designers follow Material Design Guidelines, since we can’t directly import Components and we won’t see the code or anything as we work.

There are other tools to do this in REACT but they only give you the components - not a whole app like React Studio does! It uses the Mui framework and this is a lightweight framework of Material UI. This is because it can run on mobiles with low resources as well … but it obviously can’t have it all and just implements the basics of Material UI.

The UI framework plugin API is not ready. It’s an ongoing project but most of the time we need to focus on the projects that pay our bills. There is no timeline on the UI framework plugin API, it can be couple years if there is no paid project which requires this feature.

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