Material-UI for ReactStudio

I was just wondering, can we use “” react framework with “ReactStudio”?
If not, is there an easy way to add it manually?
I am willing to install macOs just to try “React Studio”, hopes it meets my needs.

Keep up the good work.


Unfortunately React Studio will not work on virtual Mac OS. We haven’t tried this ourselves but users have reported that it will not work.

Anyway importing Material UI. Adding all elements would require significant amount of plugin writing. If you’re planning to create tens of apps and you have development team then it makes lot of sense otherwise it probably is not worth the amount of plugin development work.

The software is only available for MacOs :frowning_face: (that’s another issue for me… no Windows/Linux version)
And i don’t even know where to start to work on a plugin. So, yeah probably not worth it.

Thanks anyway, didn’t try “React Studio” yet but looks cool, not to mention it’s free.
Great work. Good luck with your next releases, hopefully some big news soon :upside_down_face:

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