MUIcss input element --Floating labels option in RS UI


In the Element UI of “Text Field” input. —

When selecting “Use UI framework style”. —
Can you please ‘show’ a checkbox option for "floatingLabel "
and an input for “Label”.
(Hide these two inputs when deselecting “Use UI framework style” checkbox)

This MUIcss feature will save me adding and positioning a few hundred text label fields in my components.

This " floating label " is an extremely cool and time saving feature of MUIcss.



Floating Labels feature indeed looks great. Unfortunately we cannot add those right a way. We’d need to implement Localization Key and element preview (previews are really tricky) so it is not just adding few fields on our end and we’re trying to avoid adding new settings without proper Previews etc.

We’re working on to make every element in Studio to be plugin so users could simply modify/extend the plugin code. E.g. Floating labels “feature” would be really easy to add into plugin if you can cope with the absence of the preview. This is still under investigation but we’re hoping that it we’re able to make this happen.

For now I’d suggest you to create a component with Label and input field and fill the Label text via Props?

Hi Antti

I’m desperate to have the floating label text input plugin.
I don’t need the preview ability.
I will amend the plugin myself.
I need to create 30 component input screens ( I have 30 tables in my app), these screens give me more than 400 text fields.




The way I did it is by creating a plugin which uses component from It doesn’t have a preview in react studio but the text field works well in the exported code.

Textfield properties are inputs in the inspector for the plugin.

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Hi Silver

Thanks for the reply
Any chance you can send me that Plugin
Much appreciated

Sure will do let me just clean it up :slight_smile: