Nav Bar Height Change

Is it possible to reduce the NavBar from 28 pts. down to 20 pts

I have a screen that is very busy and I need all the space I can get



This is actually a good idea (to make the height into setting).

Currently you cannot change the Navbar height directly in the Studio but we’ll add this to next release.

Much Appreciated

Btw. is the Calendar plugin seen in the screen shot working well? If possible would you like to share it with others as well?

I definitely will

  • My plugin is currently using just code with no UI input.
    and no data connection yet.
    There is a bug in that version 3.9…
    ( Scheduler – a pay ( 500 us$) module.)

in that the moment.js dependency which shows up in the event as undefined…
zoom into my event to see this error.
This current version also utilises JQuery which is replaced by Raw DOM nodes in version 4.0.0
which should be released this Friday.
The new version 4.0 has also split the code up into smaller specific plugins that will make it far faster.

So-- Im waiting for the full release of Version 4.0.0 ( Friday 15th March 2019).-- Hopefully.

I will then recode my “FullCalendarScheduler” Plugin – test on live firestore – and upload it to your Plugin Store-- for all to enjoy.

Many of the views and methods have been changed so I don’t have a timeline yet.


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using the latest version of React Studio, I can now set the navbar height. That’s cool.

But the back button with the arrow has an incorrect vertical alignment (when reducing the height, the arrow is below the centerline of the navbar.

Could please fix this?

Thank you!

Hi, that’s right in cases when you reduce the size quite much. We’ll check if we can re-center the Back button when user changes the Navbar height.

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Hi, this is now fixed. Read more from here: