Navigation target set stopped working after updating RS

After updating RS, a simple Navigation target set stopped working. I only can see the button to enter the app, but I cannot enter. In other words, my app is not working anymore. If it will take some time to fix this, would be nice going back in time. Can you provide us a link to the previous version? best regards :frowning:

Hi, is it possible that you’ve put some kind of “invisible” component accidentally on top of the button?

In the update the CSS is written so that components wont let click-troughs anymore (this is the behaviour how it should have been from the beginning). Based on your screen shot we can’t figure out anything what could be wrong in the project. Please send us the project file at

Previous version can be downloaded here:

Thank you Antti. Let me check

Yes, you’re right, there was a comp right in front of it. I’ll double check all screens. Thank you