Need help learning React Studio

I am not a developer, I am a graphic person who needs to build a complicated app without spending a lot of money. React Studio has gotten me quite far, but I need help getting it the rest of the way. I am interested in hiring someone to help me learn the basics of the program and working with a database.

Here are some things that I need to learn:

• In html, I quite often take a bit of code available online and use it on a site. In React Studio, I do not understand how I can do that (I have watched every video several times). I need to add things like make a phone number dial out, and adding READ MORE expanding/collapsing text.

• I need help in understanding how to create and use plug-ins.

• How to filter results in the database. Example, I am working with restaurants. I need to create a database with all of the information, but I need one screen that only shows restaurants for BREAKFAST, another for LUNCH, etc. I have the information in a React Studio database and I understand how to make it fill text/image placeholders, but don’t understand the filtering part. Every tutorial shows filtering by typing something; I need it to be written into the component.

• I need to add a map to the project. Preferably a Leaflet map or Mapbox because those can be used offline.

• Need to create READ MORE boxes with expanding/collapsing text.

Thanks for any help,


I think there no better way than what you learn to mastering React Studio

if there are some tutorials of React Studio for your requesting, it can not helping you more than what you learn from practical project you have deal with using React Studio.

React Studio is not meant to be a traditional no-code platform. This is why we e.g. don’t take any opinions about backend stuff, we simply don’t want to lock users into any backend or framework. E.g. with filtering results you need an API which returns restaurants based on category user has selected.

This probably works so that user clicks BREAKFAST button which then stores the “breakfast” string to Data slot (with save data interaction). This Data slot is then used in Data sheet query or API path (e.g. Then user is redirected to Details screen which shows list of restaurants and list is filled from the Data sheet which is shows the restaurants for selected category.

For adding any code available in online you can also do it traditional way without plugins. You just need to use Git or any other SVN and merge the code exported from Studio and Web manually into your project.

What comes to collapsing content. It is already possible to create component which collapses when user clicks on it. Create component with two states and add hotspot and interaction into component. First interaction changes state to 1 and second state changes back to 0.

this.setState({visualStateIndexOverride: 1}) --> Changes component’s state index to 1 (index starts from 0)

In the example data sheet has two columns; short text and long text. You could also have only one column and just create value transformer script to show e.g. first 150 characters (substring) in text field for first state.

Like this:

Download demo project here:

I’ve got no takers to be my tutor, but I’ll figure it out eventually. Thanks for the input.

The two states technique is how I did my collapsing content, but I will have several hundred of those that are pulled from a database, so I think it’s best to use javascript.

Thanks again!

Just a quick thought: You can just use same “collapsible component” in list/screen so you don’t need to create hundreds of different components if you’re pulling the data from Database.

I am pulling from a database.
And that would definitely work. Thanks.
(edited because it sounded rude the first time :smile:)

One more thing… There is also product called Bubble ( Bubble has integrated Backend to their web app builder. It’s not our main competitor because they have a bit different philosophy. They use their own framework and one cannot “eject” the code out of their ecosystem. Anyway it is something that is worth testing.

If anyone has tested Bubble or any other “app builder” for any of the projects it would be nice to hear what are your thoughts about them. What are the pros and cons.