Neonto Cloud [.well-known] Trusted Web Activities

Hi there is the way to have in your pruduction server the possibility to create automatically with publish function
the ```

directory with custom json file inside published by ide like the asselinks.json

i'm asking this because i would like to follow this instrunctions

regards Paolo Lops

Hi, unfortunately I don’t understand this. What is this related?

Google lets developer to put pwa on play store using a new tecnlogy:
Trusted Web Activity
To ensure that the app (apk file) and pwa web site are of the same developer it is ncessary create in the web server a directory named " .well-known " where insert a A Digital Asset Link file.
for example
when the twa starts search for this file and if there is one the apk and pwa are linked together and the app in smartphone will be full screen and not as chrome tab window.

this new tecnlogy is exlained in the link

Hi, thanks for the clarification. As our server is not meant for any production publishing it is not recommended to host anything critical there and We do not offer access adding extra files to site.

In case you need to test t.well-known file then you need to publish your app e.g. to Firebase Cloud (

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