New Update error if no properties

Hi, are you using some kind of custom scripts which could cause this?

if i change carry properties from parent components to “none” works correctly

I am having the same problem carrying properties. The new update ( 1.7.15 (383)) now gives me the error, “DataCloneError: Failed to execute ‘pushState’ on ‘History’: function (dataSheet) {
// This method is the default implementation and could be customized by a state ma…… } could not be cloned.”

This is related to react-router and to its unfortunate side effect that now you can only pass serializable properties between screens.

Please make sure you have the latest version (at least version 22) of Firebase plugin installed if you are using it in your project. That’s currently the only thing we know that has been causing that error.


I spotted one related issue that’s now fixed in the new update. React Studio should update when you start it.

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New update build 384 working perfectly now. Thank RS team !

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@juha_neonto I think this might still be an issue when you click a button text icon from drawer menu. See here. Can you please check? It doesn’t throw me an error when I uncheck “carry properties from parent component”.

Hi, I was able to reproduce this and this is clearly a bug. Our office is closed for the rest of the year but we’ll check this in the early January.

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Any word on when this might be fixed @Antti_Neonto?

I’m waiting also for the solution


Our estimate is that the next release will be available around the end of January.

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