New Version Breaks on existing data sheet queries

The below data sheet query worked on the previous version:
where(“PlayerEmail”,“in”, ["$slot(“ds_UserEmail”)"])

It doesn’t work with the new version. See error screen shot below:

It looks like the “” marks are not right? Mac’s keyboard does this kind of trick sometimes. I suggest to use ’ marks instead of " in the queries.

Edit. I tested and was able to get the same problem.

Actually based on your error message it looks that your data slot is empty. Make sure that you have default value for the Data slot when loading data to Data sheet. You may remove the default value once you’ve downloaded the data sheet to studio.

Confirmed. I did update the query, using ’ instead of either version of " Thanks.

So it’s said, though, this app definitely worked with the previous version. The data sheets were already downloaded, and the data slot was populated. I’m not sure where you’re seeing the data slot a empty. Still, though it works now. Thanks.