News about studio updates

Hi, there are no new studio updates?

Hi, we’ve been super busy with the paid projects and we havent released any updates to React Studio. The next version of the Studio will be a lot different from the design canvas. Our goal is to get rid of the styling options for individual elements and let user to concentrate on assembling of the apps and let users to do the css styling tweaks in external CSS-editor. This also let’s user to use whatever css styling options he/she wants rather than having to stick with the always a bit limited options in Studio.


Great to have news here. I have seen also that Firebase has updated with version 9 and it includes some interesting features to reduce reads.

It would be great to update the Firestore plugin so it does not have so much reads. When I load my project in RS, even in the main screen before the user has done anything, it automatically loads all datasheets in the project which means a certain number of reads. I have configured the project to have dedicated dataslots for each different filtering of a dataSheet, but even with that, I feels as it creates too many reads for just one user.

Maybe usign the CDN bundles or chaging the way it behaves, it would improve the behaviour with RS - Firestore.

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Hi, can you think also to change the javascript editor with one with classical text operativity and maybe also intellisense? There are many open-source projects … Regards


What do you think about

  • div like blocks for responsive visual design
  • horizontally aligning elements

Thanks Antti

Visual Studio Code please!