One Firestore collection won't load, works in REST API

I have a Firestore database that is loading fine with the Firebase plugin, except one collection…! This collection loads fine with the REST API. Is there any way this can be debugged by someone at React Studio if I provide details to access the collection?

HI, unfortunately there is no more detailed debug information. Maybe the DB rules are set so that Studio cannot read the collection.

we don’t have any rules, it’s in test mode so read and write are set to true. You can access the collections with the Firestore rest API without any credentials at the moment (you could do it now with the url!), I can share an example of what happens. Unfortunately it’s the collection I most need access to :confused: link to video of the Firestore collection, me accessing it with the REST api and then React Studio able to get another collection and then unable to return this one.

@Antti_Neonto Worth mentioning - if I use the generic JSON approach with the rest api url, the data is returned successfully. Sadly, this data isn’t actually usable due to the way Firestore formats the output json. So the plugin is essential, but interesting that the generic json approach returns info but the plugin can’t :fearful:

Ok, then the documents must contain something that Studio (and a plugin) cannot read. Maybe there is a really long string etc. (maybe base64 encoded images in your video?)

The plugin code is editable so you can also check from there. The data loading into Studio UI is written in here:

Maybe you can check something from your Mac’s Console log?

Btw. Have you checked how the Data sheet code looks if you simply generate the code even the Studio cannot load the collection?

Ah yes, there is a HUGE base64 image. I will try running the scripts outside the plugin and see what happens.

works fine with the base64 strings removed from the collection. thank you so much!

Ok, glad to hear this. We need to test base64 strings and edit the plugin so that it won’t crash in this scenario.