Operations on project extremely slow

Operations on my sketch / react studio project suddenly got incredibly slow. The go to button causes the spinny beach ball for about 5 minutes before any dialogs come up.

It did not use to be like this , any cleanup tips ?

Os - catalina
Version - 171


What “Go to” button do you mean? Is the studio slow on all actions or just in “go to” action?

The studio is slow to all actions not just that one button , by go to I meam the button on a link that allows you to select a destination to another screen

The program eats up a lot of RAM. I have 24gb and my large app project will consume most of it. If you can turn on a RAM activity monitor you will be able to watch the apps RAM useage increase as you use it. I work for about 20 minutes, then close the app and start again. This clears out the RAM.

I do not met this issue, generated code working so well, it consume very little RAM.

Maybe I have something set up incorrectly, or my project ( a travel guide) is too large (61 screens so far). Can a project be divided into different parts and merge them together later? I wonder if Native Studio uses RAM differently. I’m anxious to get it an experiment.

You should break your prj into modules

I just learned about that, but didn’t do anything. My site is perfect to break into sections: Hotels, Restaurants, Beach clubs, Attractions, tours, etc.T hank you for the input. I will work on this and let you know of the results.

Ngoc, when you break into a module, how can you get out and bring it into the main project map?

webapp modules can be linked using url, break in to modules make your project look cleaner


We’ve located at least one memory leak from Studio. Update should be out this weeks Thursday or Friday. Hopefully it fixes at least most of the memory issues.

I must say, you guys are amazing and the program is amazing.
Thanks for addressing everyone’s issues and questions so promptly and professionally.

I faced issue React Studio crash frequently recent time, RS seem to eat RAM very much!

Are you able to reproduce the crash? I mean do you exactly what actions lead into crash?

The memory leak we just found out was connected to element placed negative points from top. Basically anywhere outside the component’s top edge.

Antti, I’ve been having crashes also, and I’m moving really slow. Example: Linking an image to a screen and adding a SLIDE FROM RIGHT transition takes about 49 seconds on a fresh restart of React Studio (when it is only using about 7gb of RAM). It can take well over a minute once the program has run for a while and using about 18gb. I took a video of a process where you can see the spinner and the computers Activity monitor if you’d like to see it. I should be fairly average on computer speed. I’m on a 3.2GHz iMac with 1GB video and 24GB of RAM.

I have 5 UI screen in project, it does not matter when I open to edit 1-3 sceen, but when I open screen 4 then do nothing, go back to map then open screen 5, it crash immediately. I check for many time, and it happen again and again.

We now have the project file (thanks for the private message) and I can reproduce the issue. We will check this asap.

Now that I have learned React Studio some, I am rebuilding my entire file from scratch, I have 43 screens and 37 components finished and I am running much faster. RAM usage is only at 9.27 after several hours. Very happy!

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It worked, no crash happen on version 1.73
thank you very much


Any tips on what to do differently? This is what I saw with a new project open, 1 screen 4 components. On High Sierra. Turned off the device previews to make it little better, but not ideal.