Particles.js plugin for React Studio

Hi folks,

I’ve created a React Studio plugin for Particles.js here -

Particles.js is a fancy but lightweight JS library for creating beautiful backgrounds. You can see the official website here -

This plugin is based on a react component called react-tsparticles -

It’s a very simple plugin to use. All you need to do is drag the component to your screen and set a JSON based configuration to create the particles. You can set the component as part of the background layer.

There are loads of sample configurations here -

All you have to do is click More -> Export Config -> copy the JSON and paste it into React Studio.

Tagging my partner @Nipun

@Antti_Neonto I’ll be submitting this plugin to you via email for the plugin store.




Huge thanks for the awesome plugin. I’ll add this and Lottie plugin to store soon.

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