Picker apparently has a problem

Hi guys. I’m getting this message every screen that has a Picker on it. Expected ‘!==’ and instead saw ‘!=’ eqeqeq

Another thing that happens when using a picker is if you are mobile and use the picker, it works, but after the selected choice, you will see that screen has changed their size, putting, for instance, the menu burger out of sight.

Thank you


the Picker code warning will be fixed in the next update. Thanks for pointing it out!

Zooming in when clicking input elements such as Picker is default behavior of certain browsers. Unfortunately there seems not be a good solution to prevent it at the moment.

Hi. I found the solution to this old problem and turns out to be very simple. I mean, zooming in when clicking input elements such as Picker.
You can prevent from automatically zooming in on input fields just modifying the meta name=“viewport” to “maximum-scale=1” instead of shrink-to-fit=no" likes this:

meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1”

Best regards, Marcos