Pie Chart Component


Love React Studio!

If been looking with no success for a pie chart component/plugin. Something like react-minimal-pie-chart. Was hoping not to have to attempt creating a plugin (I tried and failed, not sure what I’m doing there).


Hi Chris,

the Rating plugin I mentioned in the response to your other question could be helpful with this as well.

Hi Chris,

Try checking trend graph plugin from here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sc.neonto.com/example_projects/PluginExamplesReactStudio.zip

It wraps react-trend npm package (https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-trend) into plugin. Note that this plugin uses new and a bit slower preview feature. It works so that studio generates screenshot based on the plugin settings user adds instead that you need to draw the preview by hand in the plugin code.

// Ask React Studio to give us a preview using this plugin’s code generation for the React Web target.
// (The other option for a preview is to implement the ‘this.renderEditingCanvasPreview’ method.)
this.wantsLivePreviewUsingReactWeb = true;

Ok thank you, I’ll check that out. Do you have any other plugin examples like that, I’m sure these will be helpful for the community.