Plugin FulC.. make events & resources call from firestore


I need to connect my Fullcalendar plugin to firestore.
Do you have an example plugin data or code snippet to help me.

My data sheets “events” and “resources” are ready to rock (firestore connected) in the data tab.



Check e.g. this:

This plugin shows you how you can add Data sheet picker to Plugin’s inspector UI and how you can connect Data sheet data to plugin code.

Hi Antti
Thanks for the plugin code example.

See my plugin attempt.
I am loading two DataSheets – Resources and Events.




The above has 6 imports all with "varName: " ?

Is there API info on this.getReactWebRenderMethodSetupCode = function…

Not sure where "function(exporter, “VARNAME” is derived ? , need help here…
I need to have one for Resources and one for Events?
as seen in …WebJsxCode function.


I just added some brief info for getReactWebRenderMethodSetupCode method:

The method’s exporter and varName parameters are actually defined by React Studio. When React Studio calls the method it will pass e.g. varName value to the plugin which it should utilize in the code generation instead of any hard-coded values.

The example of the getReactWebRenderMethodSetupCode method in the API reference actually has an implementation for referencing a data sheet which probably could be adapted to your use case as well. The example is taken from the ReactTable plugin Antti mentioned above so it might give more clues how to proceed.