Plugin inspector element multi-line text does not trigger onUIChange

with respect to plugin development…
When using a multiline text input in the inspector, the tab and \n are intercepted by the widget so one must click outside the text box to trigger onUIChange.

If one clicks a datasheet-picker, onUIChange is triggered for the picker, not the text field

If one clicks into a (non multi-line) text field, the onUIChange is triggered for the multi-line field just exited.

Is there another way to trigger this onUIChange for the multi-line?

    "type": "textinput",
    "id": "textContent",
    "actionBinding": "this._onUIChange",
    "multiline": true,
    "height": 60

The focus seems to stay in text field even if you change value of datasheet-picker (i.e. the blinking cursor). onUIChange for a text field will be called when the focus changes. For me that looks like correct behavior. Did you notice any situations where text field values wouldn’t get stored at all, e.g. when you do some changes and close the Data plugin setup -window?

If I recall, I had a situation where there was no way to change the focus because there was no other input. I don’t recall if make-change, touch-no-other-element, close-inspector did or did not cause a save. I ended putting a dummy button on the inspector page and labeling it save :stuck_out_tongue:

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