Problems with localization key

when I duplicate a component the localization key remains the same for all components so when I change the placeholder text it changes for all.
can you create a new unique key?

regards Paolo


Unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce this. I’ve created component with couple text elements and duplicated the component. Every element gets new a Localization key in the Localization sheet.

If duplicated component contains other component the elements located inside nested component are not duplicated. It would be against the idea of re-usable components.

Antti, noooo
the components are the picker or text or labels…

That’s what we tested as well. With text labels and Input fields and duplicating did create new rows into Localization data sheet. Only thing I noticed is that there is a bug if I copy and paste element in Screen or Component the localization key is not regenerated. If I use CMD+D (duplicate) the localization key is regenerated.

P.S. Picker doesn’t have localization key because it’s content is fetched from Data sheet.

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