Progress indicator missing between screen transitions


Is anyone else facing an issue with the progress indicator displaying when transitioning between new screens?

i.e. screen A & screen B have a progress indicator element. this.props.appActions.setState({loading: true}) is called in screen A, there is a transition to screen B, just to be safe this.props.appActions.setState({loading: true}) is called in componentDidMount() in screen B, but the progress indicator is not visible on screen B.

Any thoughts on this would be great!


Hi, I see no reason why it shouldn’t work (in my simple test project everything seemed to work fine). Maybe there are some other parts in your code that are calling the global loading property as well and mess it up (e.g. loading data sheet from web service, etc.)?

Ahh that could be it actually. What’s a good way to override this? Maybe check if this.props.appActions.state.loading == true in componentDidUpdate() and set it to true if not already?

componentDidUpdate thing could work. The implementation of the progress indicator is really simple and not intended to be customizable so it might have side effects.

Understood, this is only being used on transition screens so hopefully not many issues! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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