Project map got blank

Hi. Something very bad happened. The project map suddenly got blank. However is not empty. Is simple not showing any screens or map sections. How can I fix this? Thank you

Okay. I found out what happened. Something have cause a complete disorganization of my project map and some components were 1 mile away :wink: Thanks anyway

Hi, do you remember exact steps how this happened? Currently I’m suspecting if Clean function with Sections might cause some problems.

definitely, I saw it. Another situation is when it crashes and exit.

This is happening to me also. When my project opens I have to scroll way over to the right to see my project.

may be you have press this button when you select map


No, it’s just that a large project moves to the right. It’s not a problem, but confusing until you know what it is doing. I am trying to learn how to add javascript code to React Studio. I wish there were more videos. I am knew to this, but having fun learning.

it really fun ! React Studio do more interesting thing with JS.