Publish to web. Hosting in Google or AWS?


First of all, thank you all in advance. I am quite new and I am learning creating a project of a webapp linked to a database in Firebase. I have everything running and just focusing on the design and some other things. I would like to host the webapp in Google hosting, related with the project where the database is, but I am not sure what is the url I should give the software.

If that wouldn’t be possible, it would be fine as well to do the hosting in AWS but I don’t know how to proceed with that either.

Any help? Thank you.

Here is a good tutorial for publishing your React App:

You can find more on Google.

React Studio does not take any stands about where you publish your app. You can publish your project anywhere just like any other custom build React web app.

Thank you so much for your answer. I have been reading the article and I assume that I have to export to react code and then follow the instructions. My questions comes with the react installation in my system. I hadn’t installed anything before reactstudio. In order to create a react app and deploy I would need to install node and npm. I assume that the installation of reactstudio include this software but it is not a valid command in my terminal. I guess I would have to add the path to my directory but I don’t where it is located.

I could always install from scratch npm and node as it is not a big installation but I am afraid it could duplicate things and install the same thing that reactstudio in a different place.

Sorry about these problems but I guess it is pretty obvious I am a newbie.

Thank you.

You already have Node bundled with the React Studio. Without Node you couldn’t run any React Studio projects in browser.

Anyway you can run your React app simply by browsing the code exported folder in terminal and run “npm start” command.

I have been following this tutorial to try and publish one of my apps to Firebase but when I do the app ends up looking like this for some reason -

It successfully deploys and I can build the app just fine locally. Any thoughts?

Hey @ousooners2834! Not sure what your issue is but I have no problem at all hosting the app. I have been doing it for some time now and I am updating it with new versions from time to time. I will probably will update the version soon enough. I will take some screenshots from the process and publish here so you can see if there is anything you do different.

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I tried it enough times and ended up figuring out a way. I modified the directions in this article though.

  1. Export code from react studio
  2. cd into the directory of the app
  3. npm run build
  4. sudo npm install firebase-tools -g
  5. firebase login
  6. firebase init -> Host config files option (build, y, N, N for questions)
  7. firebase deploy

Also need to make sure npm is updated as well.
in terminal run: npm update