Pushing updates to installed web apps

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to push updates to web apps built with RS, when they’ve been ‘added to homsecreen’ on android/apple devices? I noticed that workbox 4 has introduced this ability, but not sure if it’s available via RS. Any thoughts welcome!


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I have been asking myself that same question for quite a long time. The inability to properly handle updates can cause some harm, especially when you are trying to gain some traction. You can lose a user right away, and this one will take others.
Case: imagine you have made a mistake, and you were super quick to fix the error. Until the user opened the PWA twice, nothing will change.

It would be awesome to have an update here.


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Absolutely agree with you! Would be a killer feature to have in RS. I did find a few articles on how to do it ourselves, but haven’t sat down and figured it out yet!

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