Question regarding best practices for app dev

Does anyone have insights or examples that they could point to for developing a Dashboard style application? I am looking to see what is the best approach to the top and left menus, especially left menu since it appears the Nav bar will handle all top menu concerns. My take would be to create the left menu as a component, however I am not 100% on how to do the popout menu overlay. I am attaching a pic of the style of app I am talking about for context.

Hi. For your menu overlay you can use States or the User Interaction [Reveal/Hide] feature.

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Thanks for your feedback Marcos. Would you recommend doing the left menu within the Dashboard screen or should this be created as a standalone component and pulled into the screen as an instance of the component?

In this case, create a standalone component, is easier and will give you more control. For instance, if you want to use a script controlling permissions per menu item or menu item color based on states.
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Just a heads about that we’re going to add “Drawer menu” element to Studio soon. It’s just a simple “screen like” element which can be toggled visible/hidden with a button click.

Great news! How soon is soon? :slight_smile:

Probably this year. It’s not anything fancy and you can almost do the same already with component and Hide/Show interaction. Here’s an example: