Ract Native library

there is a way to include react native library?
i want use react-native-imei for example.
regards Paolo

Yes, by wrapping them in a react studio plugin, there’s a few interesting threads on the subject already, look for the trend or rating plugin as an example.


Here, from an answer I received on the subject:

Hi Chris,

Try checking trend graph plugin from here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sc.neonto.com/example_projects/PluginExamplesReactStudio.zip 3

It wraps react-trend npm package (https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-trend 2) into plugin. Note that this plugin uses new and a bit slower preview feature. It works so that studio generates screenshot based on the plugin settings user adds instead that you need to draw the preview by hand in the plugin code.

// Ask React Studio to give us a preview using this plugin’s code generation for the React Web target.
// (The other option for a preview is to implement the ‘this.renderEditingCanvasPreview’ method.)
this.wantsLivePreviewUsingReactWeb = true;

I know well as use it.
but react-native is not a single npm I think that it is a bit hard!!