React Router Dom?

Has anyone used React-Router-Dom with React Studio? Need help to implement this so the user doesn’t get lost as they intuitively use the navigation browser button to go back to the previous screen. Any help is welcome.

Best regards, Marcos

Yes, we have that in a project where core parts are developed in straight React.js , but surrounding, non-complex stuff is done by ReactStudio.

The code generated by ReactStudio is copied into a subfolder ( /rStudio )and routing is established to that code.

The original index.js created by ReactStudio is replaced by this :

In order to return back from the ReactStudio parts you need to make mods to set the new route .

Hey Christer. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate that! Let’s wait, React Studio team is working on this and will publish beta build for Studio with React Router. This is be powerful. Thanks again. Even so, I’ll give a try :slight_smile: Best , Marcos