React Studio 177: action button on list not working

I have a list of component with action, it working well on pre version of react studio, but not working on latest verion one.

component item with javascript action:

there are no invisible items overlay the button

this project work well with RS 176, but not RS 177:

I found problem is that List of action components are laying on Scroll Flow, but there is an overlay frame laying on Foreground. But RS 177 do not support click through this frame.

So I think, React Studio need to support to enable an option in order to customize some cases. In default, it will disable click through, but in customization cases, user can enable it.

Thanks for pointing that out! We’ll add a setting for it.

An option to be able to use click through would be awesome. I have the same problem as Ngoc_Anh_Vu.

We released a small update today that adds ‘Prevent user interactions from going through’ -setting. It’s available for Component elements.


I think that, most of practical cases prevent click through, so default values should be block UI can click through. In customize cases, designer will be enable it when needed. Design with version 1.7.6 and earlier, some time I click on overlay screen, but it trigger action on under layer of screen, I understand why, but it is confusing for end users.

Amazing job you did there! Now my project works again :slight_smile: and I am back to newest RS version again :slight_smile:

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