React Studio compiler so slow (over 5 minutes) on lager project file (> 100MB)

React Studio very productive on medium project file size (< 50MB), but it take up to 5 minutes for 137MB project file size.

It not really productive, when ever I have a change on design view, it take 4-5 minutes to see updated layout of UI on web browser.

on the other hand, it take nearly 1 minutes to load this project file. When compiling, RS eat up to 10GB RAM.

I have upload it to youtube at the following link:


Is the Studio also this slow when you make any modifications in Design canvas?

If possible please send us ( the project file for testing purposes.

I have sent the project file, I have checked with previous version of React Studio, with version 1.7.2, its compiler engine working very fast (3-4 time faster than version 1.7.3 - 1.7.8)

This should be now fixed in update 1.7.9 if someone is facing similar problems.


version 179 working super fast (less than 10 seconds when export and open on web preview for project file > 100 MB). Really impressive, thank React Studio Team!