React Studio compiler so slow (over 5 minutes) on lager project file (> 100MB)


React Studio very productive on medium project file size (< 50MB), but it take up to 5 minutes for 137MB project file size.

It not really productive, when ever I have a change on design view, it take 4-5 minutes to see updated layout of UI on web browser.

on the other hand, it take nearly 1 minutes to load this project file. When compiling, RS eat up to 10GB RAM.

I have upload it to youtube at the following link:



Is the Studio also this slow when you make any modifications in Design canvas?

If possible please send us ( the project file for testing purposes.


I have sent the project file, I have checked with previous version of React Studio, with version 1.7.2, its compiler engine working very fast (3-4 time faster than version 1.7.3 - 1.7.8)