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I’ve been working for hours trying to figure out why the Data Plugin’s “Refresh Data Interval” function isn’t working. I’ve tried everything that I could think, including external workarounds. I still cannot get the data to update on an interval. Please let me know if there is something that I’m doing wrong.

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Do you mean the “Refresh interval” for Generic JSON plugin? I tested and it writes the as it should and the loading data happens every “n” second. Maybe the problem is in the API’s end?

Yes, the Generic JSON plugin. I’ve tried the rotating Dad Jokes example ( and a different API that generates Lat/Lon coordinates every second ( Looking through the documentation and plugin code, dataSheetUpdateInterval_ReactWeb appears to be what I’m targeting, but can’t get updated.

I’m on v1.7.10, I uninstalled and reinstalled everything, but still can’t figure it out. I’ve tried the JSON-Placeholder-demo that uses the Refresh Interval as well, but it doesn’t look like the data coming from the API is changing, so I can’t tell if it’s updating or not. Is there a simple test or demo that I can do to verify your process?

Thanks. I love the tool, btw.



I tested again and the plugin works ok on my test projects.

In this example I set the interval to one second and if I look in developer tools on right side you can see that the data is updated every second.

Here’s the exported code regarding the interval:

Do you have the plugin version 19? Version is written in info.plist file in Plugin package. You can see it also via Plugins->Plugin manager-> Edit

Thanks for the response. My Generic JSON plugin is at v19. Im not getting any 200s in my browser, but it looks like it’s because the componentDidMount() code didn’t generate. It sounds like I’m missing a button push or some sort of configuration on my side. Is there something else that I need to do?





Based on the screenshots I think we have an idea about this. If the Data sheet is set to Data source for screen. If you use the sheet in list then it works.

Anyway we’ll fix this in future updates. In the meanwhile you can “fix” this by setting the Data sheet “Force loading when app starts” setting on from Data sheet settings.

Perfect. That fixed it. Thanks. I was just modifying the exported code with:

componentDidMount() { this.testIntSet = setInterval(() => {
this.props.appActions.loadData_jsonsrc1(this.props.appActions.dataSheets[‘sheet1’], this.props.appActions.serviceOptions_sheet1, false);
}, 10000); }
componentWillUnmount() { clearInterval(this.testIntSet); }

but your solution gets me back to no modifications. I will try to target lists for the UI component for the time being.