React Studio turning slow when importing JSON

Now that I am testing the JSON possibility I have noticed that RS gets slow when importing JSON directly with the “Import JSON” button. I tested this option with a first JSON file that is 101 KB in one datasheet. At that point I noticed how RS began to work slowly and the round pointer appearing occasionally. I could still work, but some lagginess was beginning.

I added a second JSON file of 220 KB in another datasheet and that is when it was practically imposible to work. That was working in my Macbook Pro 13’ from Mid 2012. In my Desktop computer it was better as it is good computer but I find that those files shouldn’t be having that impact in the UI.

I tried to do it hosting the JSON in JSONbin and that way RS works better so I will go that path, but just to let you know what I noticed.

Thank you for your work!

Hi, the JSON you imported probably generates a really long Data sheet? This is not good when you’re developing the app in the Studio. I suggets you host the JSON and load it to app only at “runtime” in the code.

I assumed that was the issue. I already hosted it in JSONbin and now RS runs just fine. If it is fine for me to suggest, maybe you could do RS to just load 20 rows of the JSON as it does with other services and work better that way.