ReactStudio stop generating code


inexplicably, ReactStudio currently stops generating code in the project. For this reason, the project cannot currently be exported successfully. All attempts in ReactStudio to find a way to find the reason failed. Observing via the Apple also did not bring any information as to why the export did not generate a necessary line. The current area is:

<div className=“hasNestedComps state4_elCompShareDialog”>
<CompShareDialog {…dataSheet_toBeDeletedZim.items[0]} ref={(el)=> this._state4_elCompShareDialog = el} />

The necessary line which is missing during the export:

// eslint-disable-next-line
const dataSheet_toBeDeletedZim = this.context.dataSheets[‘toBeDeletedZim’];

just isn’t generated.

Any possibility of getting info as to why ReactStudio is generating the first part, but not the necessary line, is very welcome. Also a way to see more errors when generating the code is very welcome.

Any help and advice is incredibly welcome.


Does RS crash when trying to generate code?

No, it just doesn’t generate the one line.

Then I would delete the datasheet and recreate it.
This sometimes corrects it.