ReactStudio: support for BLE, OpenCV, other NPM installers, etc


ReactStudio - how to:

a) support for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)?
b) support for OpenCV (using the camera and import OpenCV modules)?
c) import other NPM installers?


Hi, thanks for the questions!

a) there’s not much in React Studio itself to support that technology, you could try creating a plugin but it depends a lot on the use case whether the plugin API is versatile enough. We are of course happy to follow you if you start investigating it and try to help you as much as we can.

b) this is pretty much the same as the previous question.

c) React Studio is pretty tightly coupled with npm so there’s no sensible way to achieve it at the moment.

Hi I think that a good starting point is to use
mozilla web api. I have used it for gps coordinates, display resolutions… etc…