Really need to re-ordering ds_Slot list to group parameters

My Project have declared so many global parameters in DataSlot list, some parameters are defined at random time but it tightently connected to pre-defined params, but React Studio does not support it. It really confuse in some case that I don’t know params have been declared or not ? It take time to scanning long list for sure, it really waste time so much!

hope this feature appear on next version of React Studio.

thank you !

Hi you can read dataslot and retrieve all as json. Then with the power of javascript json functions you can do all

Thanks for the development proposal. We’ll take a look at the Data slot grid component and see if there’s a quick way of adding simple sorting to list.

I mean that, it better user experience if data slot array can be re-arrange (drag and drop) like editing rows of a user data sheet.
then we can group number of relative ds_xxx because it can be add at random time but refer to each other :slight_smile: