Refresh page necessary to show component with conditional visibility


I have a component that I have placed in almost all screens in my project. That component shows the user a value if there is such value in the dataslot. If there is not value (or it is = 0) it doesn’t appear.

The way it works is that the user goes through a menu, pick an element from that menu and that opens up a webapp placed within the project that creates that value that is stored in the browser cache and is saved automatically in the dataslot. After finishing using that webapp and going back to the menu, the window should show up, but it’s being necessary to refresh the page to make it appear.

I remember when I configured some time ago that it worked just fine. As soon as the user came back to the menu, the component would show up. But it’s been like a week or maybe more that it’s being necessary to refresh the page. I believe it may be related with some of the updates?

Thank you.

This is rather impossible to solve with these details. You probably need to debug the code and see if the problem is that state is not updated or if there’s something else causing the visibility not to update.

I have been testing and I believe I know what the issue is. The state works perfectly when I use it in a computer. If I click a link for any of the elements, it takes me to the app where I make the action that creates the value in the slot. When I go back to the webapp, it goes to the main screen refreshing the page and showing the component.

But when I use my tablet or phone is when I get the issue. After making the action that creates the value in the slot and get back to the webapp, it goes back to the last visited page exactly as it was before going into the other app. I am perfectly fine with it, but apparently it needs to refresh something in the browser to know that there is a value in the slot. That is the reason I need to manually refresh the page for the window to appear, because it is loading the page as it was when I left (when there was no value).

So it is only an issue that shows in a mobile device. I guess there might be some workaround to make it always refresh the page when I go back?