Request for API documentation

Hi all.
I love ReactStudio. Its an amazing product and I love the ability to weave in JS code to add to functionality.
What I would really like is some documentation on the API for the JS code. There are so many places to insert scripts, but there is no reference (that I know of). Most frameworks document each function call, the input and return parameters. From what I can see the only documentation is provided by the narratives in Medium. Helpful as they are, they make it challenging to interface with ReactStudio.

  1. is there a document describing the ReactStudio APIs?
  2. Can there be a walk through of the transformer and data linkage scripts and their APIs?
  3. Also, can there be a walkthrough of the plugin interface and its API?
    Thank you.

I was pleased to find the following API reference:


Great that you found the API reference!

Data linkage scripts are basically just pieces of code written to certain places in exported project. React Studio doesn’t interpret them, i.e. they are written to exported project as they are. This means that they can contain pretty much any kind of normal JavaScript code. It’s good idea to write some script and check how it looks and where it’s located in exported project. That should give a better idea of its possibilities.

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