Responsive columns in List/Grid doesn't pick up values from datasheet

The issue is when a list is having a list item component containing responsive columns. The settings for Responsive columns allows to create data linkage for individual properties for a component in a column. It seems however that it doesn’t work at runtime, the same info (the default picked up at design time) is repeated for very row.

When having a list item component with subcomponents put together side-by-side, everything works fine.

Attached is a screenshot of the code generated from both the above scenarios .
To the left is without response columns, to the right with those.

I guess the problem is that the data doesn’t get passed to the components. Please check that PropertyItem2 component when placed to a screen has Bulk carry properties -> From container -setting enabled in Nested Comp inspector tab in React Studio.

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I’m not sure if I get your advice right.
The “PropertyItem 2” component is placed within a “List/Grid” component on the screen.
The List/Grid component has the data source defined to pick up data from a datasheet.
“PropertyItem 2” has subcomponents placed within a “Responsive columns” component and Data linkage for individual properties defined under the “Nested component” tab.

In this case I’ve tested to have the Bulk carry properties set to both “None” and to “From container”, (the later setting even for all columns though some don’t have any data to show from datasheet), neither of those settings does the trick.

When having the subcomponents mentioned above outside the “Responsive columns” component the data linkage works fine within the “List/Grid” component.

Ah yeah, sorry! Now I get it. If a responsive columns element is inside a list component the properties should be referenced with ‘dataSheetRow.’ prefix. ‘dataSheetRow’ is a default property available for components inside lists. In some cases Studio might also write individual properties but the implementation is probably missing in this case.

P.S. if e.g. ‘dataSheetRow.propertyName’ property is missing from the data linkage popup there’s ‘Create new’ option down below.

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Thanks a lot Juha, now it works as expected.
Great product by the way, been waiting since IBM dropped their Visual Age product line for this !